As (A)


With personal pronoun:

Singular Plural
asam, (asum) asainn, (asuinn)
asat, asad, (asut, asut) asaibh, (asuibh)
aisde, eisde(aiste) (f.); as (m.) asda, (asta), eisdibhaisdibh

With definite article:

Singular: as an

Plural: as na

With possessive:


  • 1st person: as mo, as mh’
  • 2nd person: as do
  • 3rd person: as a (m.)


  • 1st person: as ar

With relative:

as a n-

Usage / Notes:

  • as was replacing a as the simple preposition over the period covered by Early Modern Irish
  • non-leniting
  • a before following noun beginning with consonant
  • a h– before following noun beginning with vowel; before accented words
  • as before proclitics (e.g. as an, as a, as nach)

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