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‘I put’ 10.14; indic. pres. 3 sg. dep. gcuireann 11.6; 1 pl. cuirmíd 36.13; pass. cuirthear 8.3, 8.5 etc.; past 3 sg. do chuir 37.3, 52.2; 1 pl. chuireamar 23.5; pass. do chuireadh 5.10; fut. 2 sg. gcuirfe tusa 33.9; 3 rel. chuirfeas 25.8; pass. chuirfighthear 11.5; impv. 2 sg. cuir 38.16, [55].5; subjunct. pres. pass. cuirthear 25.4; vb. n. cur 4.3, 4.16, etc.; see amach, ar gcúl (s.v. cúl), ceann, ceist, ionadh, lámh, roimh, tar

Aibidil Gaoidheilge & Caiticiosma: Seaán Ó Cearnaigh's Irish primer of religion, published in 1571. Editor: Brian Ó Cuív.

[EC cur] Fut. cuirfead, sbj. -cuirear; (curthaoi, curthar, etc., often in MSS., e.g. 89 19, 94 28, but doubtfully correct); I bury 79 12; c. (I set) líon re 67 8; c. (I establish) síodh 87 8; c. a fhuath I cause him to be hated 10 6; c. a shíneadh (ar) 71 8 n; c. as é I quench it 47 9; c. (I force) ort é 60 15; c. lá ar lá eile 77 n.; c. fuireach orm I delay 31 36; c. díom I put aside 31 12; c. díom I pass, go through 28 11 (gach cor dar chuireas díom), 40 2 (cuirim dubhlocht díom), 68 26 (cuirim doras díom); cur dom chonair deflection from my path 89 26; cuirim dá chionn I add to it 21 14; c. thú do 72 12 ; c. (I send) chugat é 29 5; cuirim i n-éadtruime é I make it light 89 19; c. re 66 11 n; c. (I mix) fíon fa uisge 85 12; c. glas fút I chain thee 26 21; c. fúm I rest, settle down 23 30; c. fút é I put him in thy power 31 32; c. fúm é 31 39 n.; c. thú ó I keep thee from 8 2, 64 39; c. romham é I propose to do it 40 34; c. é thar 31 35 n; c. cath, cosgar, clú, etc., vid. cath, etc.; c. i gcruth, bhfad, gcás, mbríogh, etc., vid. cruth etc. vn. cur [70], cor car [67, 69], cora, cara [2]; cf. cor.

Aithdioghluim Dána: A Miscellany of Irish Bardic Poetry, Historical and Religious, including the Historical Poems of the Duanaire in the Yellow Book of Lecan. Vol II, Translations, Notes, Vocabulary. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

I put. For cuirim clú, I make fame (for a person) see clú. With le, I aid, encourage: ag cur leat, 426; cuirfidh linne, 2038. With ó, I separate (trs.) from: ó chradh cuirfidhir, will be separated from wealth, 173

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.

I mention, 5035, impose, 5764, c. ar, accuse, 1936, 3349-50, commit to, 5641-2; c. ós aird, publish, broadcast, 3351.

Scáthán Shacramuinte na hAithridhe. Author: Aodh Mac Aingil. Editor: Cainneach Ó Maonaigh O.F.M.

c. clú 1604, 3509; cur as destruction 2804; cuiridh ar it affectstroubles 947; cuiridh suirghe ar cheann gcumuinn uses cajolement to get union 2081; ag cur san chluiche 1372 n; cor i gceann opposing 2835; cuirthear i n-a chéile which is repaired 1279; cuirid an mhuir i míne reduce to calm 2372; cuirthear i n-ilreachtaibh is transformed... 1158; cor i n-aghaidh to attack 2534; an aisgidh do chuir le the gift he sent to 2551, 2592; maith do chuir leis 7 libh he benefitted himself and you 1203; cur re 2102 n; nach cuirthear re which is not to be compared withto rival&c. 2865; fa chur re about agreeing with 1738; cuirim riot (fa) I strive with thee (in matter of) 2374; é do chur ós aird to exaltincrease&c. it 4304; dom chur suas exalting me 2241; cuirim oidhche tar I make the night pass quickly forI amuse 4405.

The Book of O'Hara: Leabhar Í Eadhra. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

I send, put; apply; the meaning is usually defined by prepp., or advv. :--1. by ar of indirect object, c. cáin ar, ‘impose a law on, respecting,’ 504; ceist, ‘to put a question to,’ 4184; commaoin, ‘to do a kindness to,’ 4933, 4952; crann-chur, ‘to cast lots for,’ 3889; cúram, ‘to impose as a duty on,’ 4529; duadh, ‘to inflict trouble on,’ 2253; éagcruth, ‘to disfigure,’ 1345; fios, ‘send for,’ 2807, 9095; gairm, ‘to summon,’ 9105; inneall, ‘to prepare,’ 6887; lámh, ‘to set hand to, set about,’ 2305, 2630; leigheas, ‘to cure,’ 2307; luigheachán, ‘to lay a snare for,’ 10164; moill, ‘to delay,’ 5165; meadhradh, ‘to confuse,’ 1739; righneas, ‘to delay,’ 4266, 5193; olc, ‘to inflict evil on,’ 2253; tocht, ‘to silence,’ 5985; toirmeasg, ‘to hinder,’ 3976: (b) in advbl. phrases; c. ar athchur, ‘to send into exile,’ 6364; ar baill-chrioth, ‘to make quake,’ 1039; ar cairde, ‘to put off,’ 1685; ar ceal, id., 215, ‘distulit,’ 3997; ar a choimhéad, ‘to put on his guard,’ 973; ar siadhán, ‘to set astray,’ 9681; ar neimhfní, ‘to reduce to nothing,’ 4012;--2. by as, ‘to put out of (a post, one’s wealth, etc.),’ as a chonách, 5427; a feadhmannas, 7548; as a ríoghdhacht, 3463; as a sheilbh, 1007; a tuarastal, 6982;--also c. as, ‘to emit, utter (words, etc.),’ 6705;--3. by de, ‘to take away from, remove’; na láimh-dhée dona haltóiribh, 820; ainiarsma...díobh, 3333; ualach do chur dhe, 10365; don chonair chóir, 8584; but also= ‘to emit,’ mar gur chuir...allus fola dhe, 6747 (cf. 1717);--4. by , ‘to put under (around) a person’; géibhinn faoi, ‘to put fetters on him,’ p. 231 chapter heading; lámh faoi, ‘to aid him,’ 4732; urchall faoi, ‘puts a spancel on him,’ 7353: (b) in advbl. phr., fá choim, ‘to put under the protection of,’ 7985; fána chumhachtaibh féin, 8030; fá ghreim, ‘to get hold of, seize,’ 2407, 7620; but also, chuireas dís nó triúr fá aon-aifreann amháin, ‘who include two or three in one mass,’ 4514; c. fána fiachaibh, ‘to fling out (corpses) to the ravens,’ 5698;--5. by i of indirect object, esp. with notions of desire, trust, expectation, etc.; c. a dhóigh i nduine, ‘who puts hope in man,’ 618; a ndóigh san Tighearna, 10315; dúil sna neithibh talmhaidhe, 2790; ’na gcuirfeadh dúil, ‘whom he should desire,’ 5469; a mhuinighin i nduine, 616, 10673; seadh sna sealbhaibh, 364: (b) in advbl. phr. c. i n-aghaidh, ‘oppose,’ 3981; i mbreis, ‘to put to profit, to increase,’ 799; i gcéill, ‘to give one to understand,’ 129; i gceann, ‘to add to,’ 9401; i bhfad, ‘prolongatus est,’ 5941; i bhfeidhm, ‘to exert, employ,’ 2222; i ngníomh, 397; i ngealtacht, 3464; i n-iongnadh, ‘to wonder at,’ 5303; i leith, ‘to impute,’ 751; i neimhní, 2973; i raon madhma, ‘to put to rout,’ 998; i socht, ‘to silence,’ 9332; i suim, ‘to call into notice,’ 2923; i dtaisgidh, ‘to store up,’ 236; but also as in, c. i gcarcair, 801; i gcuing riaghalta, 10665; i gcumhgach, ‘coangustabunt,’ 1065;--6. by ó: c. ó oighreacht, ‘to put out of the inheritance,’ 497; do chuiris...i bhfad uaim, ‘longe fecisti a me,’ 4252; c. ó, ‘to hinder,’ 7242, 10460; but also, do chuir uaidh mé, ‘who sent me,’ 1646;--7. by ; cúl ris na coiribh, ‘turn the back on sins,’ 7983; dubh-dhruim ris an saidhbhreas, ‘to renounce riches wholly,’ 10097; but, leighis ribh, ‘to apply remedies to you,’ 8216; púicín ré rosgaibh, ‘to put a veil over the eyes,’ 9260, 9962; srian ré macnas, ‘to put a bridle on lust,’ 422, 7250, 8290, 9769;--8. by n-, ‘to put before one as a task, to take in hand, propose,’ 31, 212, 1005, 4636, 5421;--9. by tré; laibhín tré arán, ‘to mix leaven in bread,’ 8935;--10. by the advb. amach, ‘to put out, evict,’ 794;--síos, ‘to set down, quote,’ 1550

Trí Bior-Ghaoithe an Bháis: The Three Shafts of Death. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Osborn Bergin.